Blues Clues Party ideas

Blues Clues is not only a favorite TV show, but also a favorite pooch that is adorable to build a party theme around. Looking for inspiration? Follow the Blues Clues to a great party.

For your kids birthday party invitations, create, Blues Clues paw print using blue heavy card stock with the party details written on the back of the paw print cards.

Puppy Adoption Kid's Party Invitation by
Puppy Adoption Kid’s Party Invitation by


Decoration Ideas:

Use different shades of blue, place balloons and streamers all over the party area. You can also find Mylar Blues Clues balloons and tie these to the birthday child’s chair or to a Blues Clue stuffed animal for the party tables centerpiece.

Use different shades of blue for the cups, tableware, plates, and napkins. Cut out small blue paw prints and scatter these across the party table for additional festivity. Use a white paper tablecloth and put out different shades of blue crayons on the table for the kids to draw their own blue paw prints.

Place Blues Clues paw prints on a path leading to the front door.

Inside the front entrance, using a medium cardboard box and construction paper, make a large mailbox like the one on the show. The party guests can place their birthday cards in the mailbox, and presents can be laid around it as well.

Activity Ideas:

When the children arrive, have a Blue Clues paw print painted on to the kids faces. If they are old enough, they can also be given a blue pencil and blue notebook to record clues throughout the party. While they are waiting for the other kids to arrive, they can write their own clues in their notebooks that they can share with one another later on during the party. The pencil and notebook can be taken home as the goodies.

Hold a Blues Clues Party Scavenger Hunt. Divide the group into teams of 2-3 kids and provide each team with clues to find “blue stuff” all over the house. Some clues and items can include:

Blue Cup: I hold liquid for you to drink.

Blue Sweater: Warm and fuzzy, find me quick, its like a Blues hug.

Blue Sock: I am not much without my better half and, even then, if I have a hole I am not much use.

Blue Pen: Doodle with me all the livelong day.

Blue Hat: I top you off and keep your head warm.

Blue Soap: After you reach for me and my suds, squeaky clean you will be.

Blue Book: Create a customized Notepad to use as a Blue’s Clues scavenger hunt book.

Have the kids make “Blue works of art by providing blue crayons, blue water paints, blue markers, etc. They can take their blue creations home with them!

Using three blue cups, hide a small prize under one. Each child takes a turn uncovering the prize from the right cup.

Menu Ideas:

Make sandwiches cut out into dog bone shapes and filled with blueberry jam and cream cheese. Blue Applesauce and blue tortilla chips with blue sour cream. Simply turn it blue by adding blue food coloring.

Serve hot dogs!!

Serve all things blue: gelatin, Blue Kool-Aid, Blue M&Ms, and blue popsicles.

Serve the food up in small dog bowls or in a beach pail!

For the Blues Clues Party Favors:

The notepads and blue pencil are a very good start. You can also add a blue eraser, blue stickers, and blue candies. Send it home with them in a blue beach pail with a sand shovel.

Submitted by Lisa Kothari

Lisa Kothari is the Founder and President of Peppers and Pollywogs, a kids party planning company. Visit our experts page to read more about Lisa Kothari and our party planning experts.

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