Science Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Blue And Orange Rocket Science Birthday Party Invitation

Once kids start school, they learn how cool science can be. For kids ranging from 6 to 10 years, science-themed birthday parties are very popular.  Set the tone with amazing kids’ birthday party invitations. Then get into the groove and choose from dozens of fun science birthday party ideas using simple supplies from around the house and a little creativity. The afternoon can easily be filled with cool science experiments and games, and the children are sure to have a blast.

Science Birthday Party Invitations

 As the theme of your party is science, sending out birthday party invitations in a scientific fashion would be a great idea. You can use paintbrushes or toothpicks to write the science party details with milk on white paper. Then ask your guests to heat the paper over a candle or in the oven (under adult supervision). The heating of the paper will reveal the invitation text.

You can also customize any of PurpleTrail’s kids birthday party invitations. Select a white and blue theme and add a personal touch by putting pictures of Albert Einstein with his tongue stuck out on the front of the invitations. For a title, you could write “Oooze on over to Payton’s for a Science Birthday Party!” in a whacky font. If planning science experiments, ask parents to send kids in old clothes because things just might get messy.

science birthday party
Museum of Science in Boston, Massachusetts. Featuring the world’s largest air-insulated Van de Graaff generator. Photo courtesy of Tracy Lee Carroll.

Science Birthday Party Ideas

Science Birthday Party Decorations

Science birthday party decorations
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 For science birthday party decorations, think about all the things you would see in a laboratory.

  • Decorate your science birthday party with white, blue and silver balloons, tablecloths, napkins and plates to give it an institutional touch.
  • Hang white lab coats and goggles around the room. Fill a few beakers and test tubes with colorful sprinkles, colored sugar, and chocolate chips to use later in the party.
  • You can also decorate the party space with an array of lab items such as gummy frogs that have been cut and pinned down so that they look as if they were being dissected. You can also keep jars of lab specimens like huge gummy snakes, lizards etc.
  • Hang a sign from the table saying “Welcome to the Science Laboratory”. You can also hang some science clip art pictures in the room.

Science Birthday Party Games

  • Inventing a Rocket balloon: This is an easy science game that will teach the young scientists about Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion – “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. For this game you will need to obtain long, torpedo-shaped balloons, a drinking straw, string and tape. For each rocket, securely tape one end of a long string to the ceiling. Thread a drinking straw onto the string, then stretch the string taut and tape the other end to the floor. Have each kid inflate a long, torpedo-shaped balloon and keep the neck pinched shut while you tape it to the straw. While everyone holds their balloons near the floor, count down to takeoff and see whose balloon goes fastest and highest.
  • Magnifying objects challenge game: This is yet another thrilling science game to challenge the young scientists. Prior to the party, take close-up pictures of around 10 to 15 everyday used things. Then print those pictures and stick them on a colored construction paper. Then draw a magnifying glass around each picture, so that these pictures look as if they are being viewed through a magnifier. Then instruct your guests to examine those pictures and try to guess which picture represents which everyday item. Since these items have been enlarged it should be a challenge for the little minds to guess what the actual picture product is. The child who guesses the most items correctly wins the game.
  • Magical magnetic touch game: This is fun game to show the children the effect of a magnet on other objects. For this you need to get a variety of magnets and keep several metal and non-metal products handy. The trick of the game is to ask the kids to guess which product will stick to the magnet once brought close to it and which will not. The participant with the most correct guesses is the winner.
  • Science treasure hunt: Before the party write treasure hunt clues on a piece of paper with a toy invisible ink pen or lemon juice. And then hide those clues around the party space. Divide your guests into 2 to 3 teams and ask them to search the clues and decode them either with heat or with a spray bottle of iodine solution. The clues have a science question written on them and the kids need to find the next clue with a picture of the clue on it. For example if one of the clues says “I am a ball of gas that shines bright in the sky”, then the team members have to look for the next clue with a picture of a sun on it. When they find the next clue they have to decode it. This process continues until one of the teams solves all of the clues and finds the treasure.
science birthday party
Science themed birthday party ideas.

Science Birthday Party Cake & Food

For a science party a good way to wow your guests would be to serving them an “Erupting Volcano Cake“. You can use a a 9” round, Wilton wonder mold for the dome top. You can frost it with chocolate frosting and add some green tinted coconut around the bottom for vegetation. Then you can use graham cracker crumbs to create a “beach”, and put a couple mini people from the doll house on an “Airheads” beach towel. Then create some palm trees using green Airheads and pretzel sticks, and stream down some melted red candy around the top and down the sides to look like a volcanic eruption. The kids and parents will be awed by the erupting cake, and they will all enjoy eating it.

  • Taste the colorful gelatin mixture: For this you need to make some before hand preparations. First put 1 cup of apple juice and 3oz of lime gelatin into a saucepan. Start cooking the mixture on low heat, and keep heating and stirring until the gelatin dissolves fully with the apple juice. Once the mixture is brought to room temperature stir another 11/2 cups of apple juice into it. Pour the mixture in a pitcher and keep it in the refrigerator for about 2 hrs (so that it gets slightly thickened). Then you can slowly pour the mixture into 6 glasses and pour the cup of orange drink over it. You can serve a beautiful, delicious orange drink which floats over green gelatin. Your guest will love how it looks, and how it tastes. You can also keep these glasses as decorations on the lab tables.
  • Make your own rice cake faces: This would be a fun way to keep your guest engaged during some downtime at the party. Before the party arrange for a table and keep 5 to 6 bowls with peas, carrot pieces and shavings, cheerios, oyster crackers and raisins. You can then ask all the guests to create their own rice cake faces (eyes, nose, lips). The kids will likely get very creative and come up with some crazy faces.

Science Birthday Party Favors

 It’s a science party, and none of the guests should return home without a souvenir. To remind the kids of the good time they had, send each child home with a favor bag that includes silly putty and magnets, a pencil, some space stickers, a balloon, some candy, and a small memo pad that served as their lab notebook. You can also give them a small personalized notebook that has some easy and safe experiments for them to try at home with their parents. And add some magnets, small magnifying glasses, balloons, alka selzer and any other unusual things they may need to do the experiments at home.

With a little preparation you will have a great birthday party that offers a close look at the wonders of science!

We hope you enjoyed these science birthday party ideas!

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