Birthday Party Ideas For Preschool Kids

Once kids reach three or four years of age they start understanding the concept of a party, and especially that of a birthday. They have been invited to a few kids parties and have enjoyed them, and so they often eagerly look forward to their own birthday celebration. Set the tone with amazing birthday party invitations for kids. Here are some more ways the help make your preschool childs birthday a special day and a memorable event.

Deciding on the Preschoolers Birthday Theme: Remember that the day is all about the birthday child and his or her friends. It is always good to first ask your child what type of theme that he or she likes and then go from there. The more you include your child in the planning, the more they will feel involved on the day of the celebration! Once you know what kind of party your child wants, you can determine how far you want to take it. This is going to depend a lot on your creativity, location and budget. Preschool birthday parties can be as big of a deal as you make them out to be, and some ideas are easier to plan than others.

The Internet is a great resource for finding birthday theme ideas. If your party is for your little princess, then you can create a “pink princess party” with everything in pink: the cake , the balloons, the party dress, the favors etc. Or if your preschool birthday party is for a little sports lover, you could have a soccer ball cake, sports activities outside, and inflatable soccer balls as party favors. Check out here for more Birthday Theme Ideas.

How many kids to invite?- This is going to depend a lot on where your party is going to take place. If you are hosting at home, then a good rule of thumb for a preschool party is to invite 1-2 children for each year of age. For example, if your child is turning 4, then a good number of children to invite is 4-8. Dont feel obligated to invite every child in his class, as too many children can be overwhelming for both you and your child. If you are having it at an outside location like a community center, park, or gym, then you can get by with inviting more children. Be sure to keep your budget in mind as well. Here is a good example: if your child really wants an amusement park party, you can give them the choice of inviting only one or two of their closest friends so that the celebration stays within your budget.

Now the Preschoolers Birthday Party Invitations: One of the easiest ways to send out invitations and manage the guest list is to send online birthday invitations. They are very easy to do, and you dont have to worry about finding everyones home address, etc. They also make it simple to keep track of who is coming and to send reminders about the party. If you cant email the invitation to a guest, you can always print out the invitation and mail them traditionally or hand deliver. Invitations should ideally be sent out 3-4 weeks before the party.

Preschoolers Birthday Party Activities: It is always a good idea to plan for more activities than you think you will need. Even if you dont get to all of them, it is better to have more than needed rather than run out before the celebration is over. Dont get discouraged if one of the activities is a bust, just move on to the next one! It is often good to start an activity while the guests are arriving, and then move on once everyone is there. For example, you could start playing pin the tail on the donkey to keep everyone entertained. It is also important to keep the activities fun and not really competitive, especially for the preschool age group! There are many ways to take traditional games and make them suitable for preschoolers. So if it’s musical chairs that you are playing, every time the music stops you could take out one chair rather than one of the children. This way they need to co-operate with each other and accommodate as many kids as possible on one chair. This will make if fun and hilarious for everyone!

Preschoolers Birthday Party Food: Keep the menu simple, easy to eat and full of the foods that kids love. Sandwiches and pizza work great. Cheese and crackers or veggies and dip are also good additions. For drinks, juice or lemonade works well. You can also make smoothies which the kids will love and are healthy as well. Dont forget the birthday cake, and ice cream on the side if you like.

A day before the Birthday Party: Have a talk with your child about what is going to happen at the party. If you plan to open the presents during the party, explain to your child that he/she should thank the guests for the presents, even if it something they dont like or already have. If you plan to wait to open the gifts, then also explain that to your child so that he/she is not disappointed when they see their gifts and cant open them.

The day of the party: Enlist help for the duration of the birthday party. You can’t be everywhere at once, so ask your spouse, a friend or other parents to help out. If none of these work, go for the help of a baby sitter. It will be well worth the money spent!

Remember to have your camera ready ahead of time. You will inevitably get busy, so ask someone to take some of the photos for you.

After the Preschoolers Birthday Party: Upload the photos and share them with the guests. It is also important to send thank you notes within a few weeks for all the gifts received.

Have a wonderful celebration!

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