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It’s that time of year again. It seems to rear it’s head at the same time every year and the older we get, the harder it can be enjoy celebrating. That’s right, it’s birthday time! Whether you’re planning the big day for yourself or for your loved one, we’ve got some great adult birthday party ideas to help this birthday celebration be an event worth remembering! Make your birthday an occasion to smile about with these celebration tips and tricks.

Eat Drink and Be 30 Birthday Invitation by PurpleTrail

Birthday Party Invitations

The best party is the one where you don’t have to compromise on style to stay on budget! There are tons of cheap adult birthday invitations you can fully customize for your party theme! Check out our sweet collection. On you can create a unique invitation from scratch, or add personal photos and wording to one of our beautiful templates. Whichever option you choose, your friends will surely enjoy your personalized invitations.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas & Tips

In addition to stylish invitations, you’ll also need a party plan or checklist. A checklist will help you organize a successful celebration. Create you checklist well ahead of time. Make notes as to where your venue will be, what kind of food and drinks you want, and what kind of music and entertainment to involve. Include any details you think you may forget. It’s also not a bad idea to have a plan B, encase something doesn’t work out. To get your party planning started, take a look at this list of great adult birthday party ideas.


  • Start the birthday party planning 4 to 6 weeks in advance. This will give you enough time to get all the details under control.
  • Pick a theme. It doesn’t have to be an over-the-top theme. Simply choosing something like “retro chic” or “red and romantic” will help you formulate the color scheme, decorations, and food to be served.
  • Create a budget. Money can be pretty tight these days, but it doesn’t mean you can’t throw a fantastic adult birthday party on a specific budget.
  • Decide on a time for the party. Will it be a sit down dinner of light appetizers and desserts? Appetizers will undoubtedly be a less expensive way to go if you are having a larger party. If you’re hosting a more intimate party, you may want to do a sit down dinner with simple but elegant dishes.
Adult Birthday Party Idea
Adult birthday invitation by PurpleTrail.
  • Create invitations. Plan to send our your invitations 2-3 weeks before your event. Check out our unique birthday invites.
  • Let your guests know the dress code. If you want them to wear cocktail attire, let them know. You don’t want anyone to feel over or under dressed at the party. Also be sure to let them know it’s adults only. This way no one shows up with their little ones while as you greet them with a martini at the door.
  • Plan a menu. This is where the budget part really comes in handy. Try and make dishes that serve the number of people you invited. Don’t try to make a small dish feed a large number of people. Fresh veggies and fruit can always be altered in inexpensive ways (chocolate dipped strawberries etc. )
  • If you are planning on having your party outside of your home, at a favorite restaurant or bar, make reservations.

Birthday Party Supplies

Once you’ve picked your theme, think about how much you’ll need to decorate the house. Lighting elements can be an inexpensive way to create the perfect atmosphere. Tea lights and votives thoughtfully placed can create a warm and sophisticated look. Paper lanterns hung across windows give a fun and retro feel to a room.

Our favorite site that pieces together all the necessary items to give your party a spectacular and put-together look is They have a variety of theme packages that can make any birthday party look professionally styled.

Happy Birthday

We hope you enjoyed these adult birthday party ideas! Remember to embrace your special day. Good luck planning an unforgettable birthday celebration! Do you have any other fabulous adult birthday party ideas to share? Email us at We’d love to hear from you!


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