Birthday Party Games – Games for Kids, Teens and Adults!

Purple Happy Hour Drinks Birthday Invitation

Whether you’re turning 8 or 80, a birthday is a wonderful reason to invite your family and friends to enjoy a party. Once you’ve set the date, mailed the invitations, planned the menu and decided on a theme for the decorations, it’s time to decide how your party guests will be entertained. We’ve done the research and gathered a group of birthday party games for anyone to enjoy. Whether you’re hosting a kids’ party, a teen’s birthday, an adult birthday party or a fun bash for people of all ages, you’re sure to find some appropriate birthday party games below.


Who Am I?

This guessing game is one that the kids will love.  Kids will, have a ball, mingling at the party and trying to figure out what animal is on their back. There are 36 different colorful animals for your players.

Pin The Tail On The Donkey

Simple and classic, it’s everyone’s favorite Birthday Party game! Players try to pin the tail on the donkey – blindfolded! This is a great party game for kids 3- 5 years.

Hide and Seek Decoder Race

This indoor scavenger hunt game is perfect for when playing outside isn’t an option. Two teams race around to find 24 clues (each clue will equate to a letter) you have hidden around the house  and then race to be the first to decode a secret message!



Everything Birthday

Discover your guests’ level of creativity as they come up with words related to everything Birthday. Players come up with one birthday related word for every letter of the alphabet.

Guess Who Said That

A laugh out loud game perfect for hard to please tweens or teens. They’ll be rolling on the ground in laughter as they try to figure out whose answer goes to, each questions. You just never know how one of them will finish the sentence: “A bumper sticker slogan that would best describe my family is _____”.

Nice To Meet You Bingo

Here’s a way to start the party off with lots of fun! Kids will enjoy mingling and getting to know each other as they try to find someone who fits a description and can initial the square – for five in a row, up down, or diagonal. Descriptions include finding things like: Find someone who likes broccoli, or, has been to Sea World, or someone who has won a trophy. It’s and easy and fun way to get to know your guests!




Finish, My Phrase

Players try to finish the Birthday Girl or Birthday Boy’s phrase! You’ll get lots of laughs as players try to guess what the Birthday Girl or Birthday Boy might say when asked to finish a phrase such as “Birthday _______.” It could be anything! Find out who can read the Birthday Honoree best!

Older Than Dirt…

You just might be older than dirt if you know the answers to these trivia questions! This is a fun game to rub in the age of the guest of honor while keeping it light hearted and fun!


“You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hound Dog!” – Did you just sing that out loud? Yes, and so did everyone else! Read a topic card, and write down a song you think others will know. The more players that sing, the more points you and others score. Matching songs gains you the big bonus. This is a great game for music lovers!

With these birthday party games, your party will be non stop laughs and fun. Happy Birthday!


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