Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Set the tone of the your birthday party event with chic and stylish, birthday party invitations. Then, it’s time to start thinking about birthday party favors. A thoughtful party favor is a great, way to show your guests how thankful you are for their presence. Kids and adults love to carry something back with them as a souvenir for attending and remembering the celebration. Here is a list of some party favor ideas we think are a great way to say, “thanks for coming!”

Saddle Up Cowgirl kids birthday invitation by PurpleTrail.

Signature T-Shirt Birthday Party Favor:

Get a set of white T- shirts and ask your guests to design and decorate them at the party. You can also have all the guests autograph a personalized t-shirt. This way they will have a unique reminder of the special day.

Fridge Magnets:

Make your own fridge magnets using the PurpleTrail Design Center. Personalize any of our fridge magnet designs with messages of thanks, jokes, recipes, calendars and more. Fridge magnets are great party favors because guests can actually use them at home. PurpleTrail fridge magnets come are available in all the same sizes as our kids birthday party invitations as well as smaller business cards sizes.

The lucky Dip Birthday Party Favor:

One of the simplest things is to set up a large basket filled with wrapped gifts and have each guest take a lucky dip. You can have expensive or inexpensive presents, anything from crystal wine stoppers to travel candles to strange shaped key rings to stuffed teddy bears.

Instant Picture Party Favor Idea:

This is a very interesting and memorable favor idea, you can have birthday favors for younger children. They can include items such as small toys, balls, ABC blocks, puzzles, etc. Then take an instant picture of each kid with the birthday child as a take-home favor. Tape or staple to each favor an instant picture you’ve taken of each child, and let the kids find their favors that way.

Goodie Bag :

For those who still like the idea of sending a goodies bag home with the children, you can make it a bit more interesting by allowing them to make their own goodies to go inside. For instance, using lollipop molds and the necessary ingredients, you can instruct the children to make their own pops early in the party, so that theyll be ready to go when they leave. Other types of candy can also be made and taken with them, offering a fun activity during the party and a tasty treat afterward.

The Balloon Game:

To incorporate birthday favors with a game, you can, rather than filling bags or boxes with the gifts, place small favors into balloons, and blow them up with the gift inside. Have a large area outside with perhaps a kids paddling pool whereby you can put all of the balloons. Then explain to the kids that every time they hear the bell ring, they have to run outside collect one balloon each, bring it back inside of the house and pop it to receive their favor.

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