Going Away Party Ideas

Hosting a farewell or going away party is always bitter sweet. How do you bid adieu to someone who means so much? Start by sending memorable farewell invitations.  Then say goodbye with style. You can definitely find tons of stylish and cheap going away invitations to send off loved ones in a fabulous way. Our party experts have put together a few going away party ideas to help you plan a farewell party to remember.

Going Away Party Ideas
Farewell invitation by PurpleTrail.

Farewell Party Invitations

Throwing a friend or loved one a farewell party is a great way to bid them adieu. For your celebration, you’ll have to find the right party invitations. You can create DIY invitations from scratch, or purchase your party invites from a store or online. Here are some great invite suggestions to help you find the perfect invitation for your special celebration.

Make sure to take a look at PurpleTrail’s farewell party invitation selection. Choose one of their beautiful invite designs to add personal photos and custom wording to. You can alter your design to your liking or create a totally unique design from scratch. Your friends will love receiving a custom invite. Plus they can hold onto it as a memento of the celebration.

Creating DIY invitations is another option. The guest of honor will appreciate all of the time and effort you put into creating their invites. This option can also save you money and will allow you to add personal flavor to your card designs. If you’re creative enough, you can make invites out of almost anything. Use nice paper and your home printer to create beautiful origami farewell party invitations. This invite idea is super cute and unique. I found great origami invitation instructions on Thesweetestoccasion.com. Take a look at their website for more ideas and inspiration.

Going Away Party Ideas
DIY origami invitations. Photo courtesy of London_lime via Flickr.

Choosing a Theme

Consider choosing the theme, for the going away party, to be in line with where they are going. If the person is moving away because of their job, try planning the theme around their new home etc. Incorporate food of that region into the menu and decorate accordingly. Another fun idea is to use a play on words like calling it a “Desserting Us” party and hosting a dessert buffet. You can also consider planning the decorations and food around all their favorites from their current home; one final feast of all their hometown favorites.

Or try sticking with a simple theme, like black and white. This color scheme is elegant and simple to follow. Your guests can wear attire that fits the color theme and you can decorate your venue with adornment that matches the theme color. You can display black and white photos and give out black and white party favors. Serve food on black and white dinnerware. You can also purchase a black and white cake. This simple theme idea will add class to your celebration and it will also make for a more memorable event.

going away party ideas
Black and white bear cupcake ornament. Jou Ling Yee via Flickr.

Going Away Party Ideas – Gifts

The best gift you can give someone who is leaving is the knowledge that they will be missed and a way to take some great memories with them. When sending out the invitations, ask people to write a short note about how they will miss the person and other well wishes. Or, you can ask them to write about their favorite memory with this person. Ask guests to submit the note to you along with a picture of them with the guest of honor. Assemble a scrapbook or, photo album, page for each person and present this book to the honoree at the party. Another spin on this is to video record messages from each guest at the party and give it to the honored guest after the party.


If you have selected a theme, then the decorations will be in line with what you have chosen. General decoration ideas include; photo collages, party banners wishing the honored guest bon voyage, balloons and flowers. Check out these great centerpiece ideas. Remember you don’t have to go overboard. A few thoughtful things will say more than a whole bunch of filler.

If you are into arts and crafts, try creating DIY decorations. I found a bunch of great DIY party decoration ideas on Theglitterguide.com. They have instructions on how to create super cute fabric fringe garland, DIY banners, and DIY party flags. Check out their website for more wonderful DIY party decoration ideas.

going away party ideas
DIY felt flower garland. Photo courtesy of Abbey Hendrickson via Flickr.

Party Favors

Pictures are always great party favors for a farewell party. If your budget allows, consider renting a photo booth for the evening so that the guests can take pictures with the honoree. Another great idea, for party favors is to create little letter packets. Although email is generally the easiest way to communicate, a handwritten letter often feels more heartfelt. Give guests a few stylish note cards and pre stamped envelopes. Include a nice pen and the new address of the guest of honor.

Enjoy Your Celebration

When planning a farewell or going away party, keeping it simple is always better. Keep the focus on gathering up the friends and family of the person leaving. The food and decorations do not have to be extravagant, just something that the honoree will enjoy! Bon Voyage!

We hope these going away party ideas helped you plan a fantastic celebration.


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