Backyard Camp Out Activities & Crafts

Slumber parties are always a big hit with children, but during the summer, nothing beats a backyard camp out with their closest friends. Once you’ve extended the invitations, set up camp and had plenty to eat, it’s time to let the games begin! Check out these backyard camp out ideas for planning a spectacular outdoor celebration.

Slumber Party Invitations

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PurpleTrail’s large collection of slumber party invitations includes plenty of styles to choose from, including invitations for a backyard camp out. Each design can be personalized to suit your tastes.

Backyard Camp Out Ideas


Ghost Stories

Gather up everyone in a circle (around the fire if you’re having one). If the kids are older, let them tell the stories. If the kids are younger consider telling one yourself. Add to the theatrics by shinning the flashlight under your chin as you tell the ghostly tale. Needs some ideas? Check out these ghost stories for inspiration.

Shadow Puppets

This is so much fun for the younger campers. After the sun goes down, give each child a turn to put on a show or have 2 or 3 children perform at the same time. While the “puppeteers” are in the tent with the others gathered around to watch. See the hopping bunny and the wolf howling at the moon. You’d be surprised what animals kids can create!

Talent Show

Put together a talent show, just like at camp! You may want to inform guests of this activity ahead of time, in case they need to bring something along to showcase their talent (like an instrument). Everyone will be entertained!

Star Gazing

If you are lucky enough to live somewhere without a lot of ambient light at night, encourage the kids to do a little star gazing. Look up the constellations you might be able to see the night of your camp out.

Craft Ideas

Tin Can LanternsThis is a fun and easy craft and it’s something the kids can take home!

Friendship BraceletsThis is an easy way to make friendship bracelets! Great for an all girls camp out!

Bandana Sit Upon : You may remember this one from your Girl Scout days. These are simple and easy for kids to make. You can use it later in the night to sit on while telling ghost stories.

With these backyard camp out ideas, the kids will surely enjoy your outdoor slumber party!

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