Back To School Party Ideas

It’s time already for the kids (and adults) to head back to school! Subdue the sadness with a back to school celebration! Send out your back to school invitations and get inspired by these back to school party ideas.


School Paper Party Back to School Invitation by
School Paper Party Back to School Invitation by


Cereal Bar Party- This theme is seen posted around the web lately and it’s a very fun idea. Have a cereal bar party. Everyone can bring their favorite box of cereal to share and then guests can mix and match how they wish. Supply fresh fruit toppings and milk for a fun party that’s tasty too.

Cupcake Party- You can never go wrong with cupcakes! Bake cupcakes in a variety of sizes and flavors. Then create a decoration station. Offer various types of frosting, sprinkles and small candies (jellybeans, red hots, mini chocolate chips etc.) and let the kids create their own version of the perfect cupcake. If you can do this outside the clean up may be a little easier.

Wii/Xbox 360, Game Night- Have a night filled with gaming. If others are able, have them bring their gaming systems and create a tournament style game night. Create prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

Lawn Games – If the weather is continuing to shout summer, plan an evening of outdoor enjoyment. Games like croquet, badminton, bocce ball and corn hole are a great way to celebrate and have relaxing time before school starts.

Camp out/In- Have a backyard camp out! If you don’t have a backyard or the weather isn’t cooperating, have a camp in! Set up the tent, make a fire and stay up all night telling stories and laughing. (Don’t forget if you have to do indoor camping, you can just as easily make s’mores in the microwave!)

Scavenger Hunt- Create an odd ball list of things to collect and divide party goers into teams. Send them around the neighborhood (with adult supervision) and see who can collect all the items first. Add in some school supplies to the list like pens, erasers and things just for fun. Some fun items to gather are: sock without a mate, candy bar, gum, a 2000 penny, cd case, can of soda, movie ticket stub, anything fun and a little off the wall. Make sure neighbors know they will not be getting these things back! Dispose of items responsibly, recycle what you can!

Pool Party – If you have a pool in your neighborhood or better yet in your back yard, throw a pool party to celebrate going back to school. Have plenty of fruity fun drinks, beach balls, and water toys to make this party a success. Keep a supply of sunblock and towels handy for those who forget. Enjoy some serious fun in the sun!

We hope our back to school invitations will get you inspired to plan that party and anxious to return to class! Enjoy your back to school celebration!

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