Back To School Party Ideas: Fun Activities & Games For Your Party

Throwing a Back To School Party? The kids may or may not be excited that school is about to start up again. If you are throwing the kids a party to ease back into the fall and school year, you’ll want some fun activities and games to play. Our party experts founds some fantastic back to school party themed activity ideas the kids will really enjoy.

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This is a great activity to do each year at the end of summer. Have each child bring a shoebox and several of their favorite reminders of what they had fun doing this summer. Maybe they have pair of goggles they wore out swimming all summer or a pictures from a fun vacation. Maybe they have a collection of sea shells or rocks. If old enough, have the write a note about what they did this summer, what they’ll miss, and what they are looking forward to this year. Make sure to include a recent picture of themselves. Provide pens, stickers, and any other fun things to decorate the shoeboxes with. Seal them up with instructions not to open until the year they turn 18. Create one for every year. Your kids (and you) will love seeing what they were into at 8 and how they’ve grown and changed.

Alphabet Game

This is a fun game and can be modified to fit the age group of the guests. It’s a good way to get their brains in shape for the school year. You start by choosing a theme like animals or things at the beach. Some one starts with the letter A and says and A-word. The next person has to choose a word that starts with the last letter of previous person’s word. Example: First word: Alligator, second word: Rhinoceros. For younger kids, choose a very broad theme and start with an A word and move through the alphabet.

Back To School Scavenger Hunt

Send the kids on a hunt for school supplies! Hide things like pens, pencils, spiral notebooks, crayons, etc. in fun an inventive places around the house. Create clues to guide the kids around to gather their “treasure”. Give brown paper lunch bags to hold their supplies. Have them end their hunt at the dessert table for some sweet refreshment after their scavenger hunt.

Send the kids back to school with one last hurrah! The adults will enjoy it as much as the kids!

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