Back To Basics – Classic Kids Party Games

As you prepare your kids birthday party invitations, consider this perspective before hammering out all the details. It seems the bar has been raised so high for kids parties. Parents feel like they have to rent expensive things to entertain the kids for a few short hours. What happened to cake, ice cream and pin the tail on the donkey? When I came across this article on kids party games at , I was reminded how easy it is to get back to basics with just a little creativity. , This compilation of classic kids games will have you re-evaluating your need to rent out bouncy houses, magicians, clowns and any other form of expensive entertainment!


Two of my favorites that were listed:

Smell It, Hear It

Wrap mason jars in paper and punch small holes in their lids, then fill them with cinnamon sticks, paper clips, pennies, etc. Pass them around for kids to shake or smell. Let each one guess what’s inside, then reveal the contents.

Sock ‘Em

Pile up at least six times as many socks as you have guests. Have the kids sit in a circle around them. As music plays, have them put on as many socks as possible, one over the other. When it stops, the child with the most socks on wins.

Have fun and keep it simple!

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