Bachelorette Party Game – Groom vs. Bride Game

Get your bachelorette party invitations ready. I heard about this great bachelorette party game idea last week and had to share! This is a cute twist on another bachelorette party game you may have played, where party planners interview the groom before the bachelorette party with questions about how they met, things he likes, dislikes, etc.

Purple Flowers And Lace Bachelorette Party game Invitation
Purple Flowers and Lace bachelorette party invitation.

Bachelorette Party Game – Groom Vs. Bride

Set-up a time to meet with the groom. During his lunch hour or a weekend afternoon so the bride doesn’t get suspicious! When meeting with him, have a list of prepared questions to ask about their relationship, wedding plans and likes and dislikes.

Have a tape recorder available and record your conversation together.

Then, at the Bachelorette party, ask the Bride the same questions to see how well she knows her future hubby! After asking her the question and hearing her response, flip on the tape recording to reveal the groom’s answers to the bride and all the guests!

You could have the guests write down on a slip of paper how many they think she’ll get right, or have everyone take a drink when she gets one right and have the bachelorette take a drink when she gets one wrong!

It’ll be really funny to hear how off or on their answers may be! You’ll also find the groom adding some comments that will make the bride blush as he talks about how wonderful she is! Or, she might blush with embarrassment too!

Here is a set of questions to use:

1. Where did you meet?
2. Where was your first kiss?
3. Who will be in charge of mowing the lawn?
4. What was the worst meal the bride made for you?
5. How many kids do you want to have?
6. Where was the craziest place you made love/fooled around?
7. What TV show does she watch that drives you crazy?
8. If the speed limit is 55, how fast does she generally drive? How fast do you drive?
9. How long does it take her to get ready in the morning?
10. What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

I know this game will be a success for you. Use it wisely and have fun!!!

This bachelorette party game will surely be a hit at your next pre-wedding celebration!

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