Top 6 Baby Shower Theme Ideas

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When hosting a baby shower is to have a theme in mind. There are lots of baby shower ideas & themes available and we tried to select a few themes that would make your next shower a special one. These themes are not just about the decorations and baby shower invitations but are also about the type of gifts that the guests bring with them. These are especially good for Moms who are having their second or third child. Try one of these baby shower theme ideas when hosting your next party for a mom-to-be.

Baby Shower Invites

Gray Question Mark Gender Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas Invite

Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Pampering Mom: Throw a Mommy shower to pamper the very busy mom who is expecting another child. This theme is easy to create, as the decorations and food can just be the grown-up things you already have. For example, use nice glasses and plates, cloth tablecloths, flowers and candles to decorate. Instead of giving baby gifts, pamper Mommy with lots of things that she would like. Some good examples are comfy clothes to wear around the house, bath supplies, gift certificates for a spa day or takeout food, etc. This is a great way to treat the very busy Mommy without overloading her with baby shower products that she already has!

Tea party:A tea party baby shower theme is a good choice for anyone. Decorations are easy. We would recommend nice tablecloths, flowers, and candles. Dont forget real plates, cups and teapots. In your baby shower invitations you can ask guests to dress up. The menu can include things like scones, cookies, croissant sandwiches, fruit and salad. Oh, and dont forget a variety of tea, and maybe even some lemonade for guests who do not drink tea.

Stock the Freezer:A great option for a second or third child is to throw a “stock the freezer” shower. Have all the guests bring cooked freezable meals to put in the freezer. It will be a lifesaver for the parents after the baby is born. Of course, it is a good idea to make sure the parents have a big enough freezer for this type of party!

Diaper Baby Shower Party:This is simple shower that is great for the guests as well as the Mommy to be. Start with diaper invitations and decorations. Ask the guests to bring diapers as gifts. Be sure to tell guests which size to bring so that the Mommy to be takes home a supply that will last for a long time. You can also ask them to bring baby wipes, diaper cream, lotion, etc. After the shower, the guest of honor will go home with enough diapers to last for months. And to make it even better, the guests wont have to agonize about finding the perfect gift.

Fairy Tale Book Shower Theme: How about turning the shower into a fairytale garden party? This type of party can be held indoors or out. Decorate according to your favorite fairy tale and ask each guest to come with a favorite childrens book as a gift. The mommy-to-be will go home with a variety of books and it will be a great way to start a library for a little one!

Little Pumpkin: This is great for a baby shower themes held in the fall. The invitations could say “Mommys lil pumpkin will soon be here!” Serve some warm apple cider and pumpkin desserts for a great shower theme. You can also decorate with orange and green streamers, and of course tiny pumpkins on the table.

Themes can make a baby shower a memorable event (Also check out our Baby Shower 101 Guide). So use your imagination and pick the perfect theme when hosting your next baby shower!

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