Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Brown And Pink Sweet Pea Baby Shower Invitation wording

Having a baby is an exciting time. There are many things to prepare for, including the baby shower. If you’re in charge of planning a baby shower for yourself, or someone else, use these great baby shower invitation wording ideas for your special day. Whether your expecting twins, a baby boy, or a girl we’ve put together some great inspirational baby shower invitation wording ideas to help you welcome the new addition in style. For baby announcement wording ideas, take a loo at

baby shower invitation wording
Baby shower invitation by PurpleTrail.

Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Before you get started on your baby shower invitation wording, you’ll need to select the right invite for your celebration. For fully customizable invites, take a look at On our site you can upload personal photos, custom wording, and create a totally unique invite design from scratch. For a more affordable invitation options, browse

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Here are some great baby shower invitation wording ideas you can use for inspiration. You invitations should at least include the time, place, and shower details. Add additional wording that will make your guests feel warm and welcomed. Take a look at the suggestions below for more ideas.

Mommy can’t wait to share the joys,

Daddy can’t wait to share the toys!


Amy has a new little one on the way,

So let’s celebrate with a special day!


Twinkle, twinkle, little star,

How we wonder what you are!


Twinkling stars in the Heaven above,

Are shining down on baby with love!


Please join us for a baby shower in honor of Julie Smith


10 tiny fingers, 10 tiny toes,

what grows inside, nobody knows!

Come celebrate Joe and Julies baby on the way.


It may be a girl, it may be a boy.

Either way they are filled with joy!

Please join for a baby shower honoring Julie Smith.

baby shower invitation wording
Baby shower invitation by PurpleTrail.

Julies tummy is expanding, the time is drawing near,

We need to shower her with gifts before her baby gets here!


First came the lovin now theres a bun in the oven!

Join us for a baby shower for Julie and Michael!


The Smith house will soon grow by two feet!

Join us for a baby shower honoring Julie!


Michael and Julie- always so cool

Soon well see how they look wearing baby drool!

Come help them get ready for these things babys do

Your guess is as good as ours- pink or blue?

Couples shower honoring Michael and Julie Smith


Julie is having a baby! Let’s Celebrate!


She’s expecting a baby,

A new bundle of joy…

A very special gift,

Either a girl or a boy!


Bibs, bottles, diapers galore,

Jim and Sarah are thrilled about adding one more!

baby shower invitation wording
Pink baby shower invitation by PurpleTrail.

Baby Smith is almost due,

We don’t know if it’s pink or blue…

Jim and Sarah can hardly wait,

So join us as we celebrate!


Someone tiny and so sweet,

Will soon be here for you to meet!


Bottles, booties, diapers and pins,

This is where the fun begins!


Amy and Mark have a baby on the way,

Let’s get them prepared for the big day!


Someone special, someone dear,

Someone new will soon be here!


Baby number “2” is on the way,

Sarah and Mark can hardly wait…

Bring bottles and binkies for baby Smith,

It’s time to celebrate!


Diapers and bibs, bottles and more

That’s what baby showers are for!

Meaningful Baby Shower Quotes

Including a meaningful quote in your invite will make it more special and memorable. Add a quote from a favorite author, musician, or star. Use the suggested quotes below for more ideas and inspiration.

“My mother groaned, my father wept,

into the dangerous world I leapt.”

– William Blake


“There is eternal influence and power in motherhood.” – Julie B. Beck


“Having kids — the responsibility of rearing good, kind, ethical, responsible

human beings — is the biggest

job anyone can embark on” – Maria Shriver

baby shower invitation wording
Blue sheep baby shower invitation by PurpleTrail.

“There is no greater good in all the world than motherhood.

The influence of a mother in the lives of her

children is beyond calculation.” – James E. Faust


“Mothers observe all, absorb all,

give all, forgive all,

offer all, suffer all,

feel all, heal all,

hope for all, pray for all.

But most of all,

Mothers love always.” – Richelle E. Goodrich

Enjoy Your Baby Shower

Have fun celebrating! Hope these baby shower invitation wording suggestions gave you new ideas and inspiration. Choose your wording wisely! Your friends and loved one’s will really appreciate well thought out, meaningful wording. Show them how much you care for them!

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