Whacky April Fools Ideas

april fools ideas

April Fool’s day just begs us to play pranks and dupe our unsuspecting friends and acquaintances. Share laughs and practical jokes with your friends at an April Fools day celebration. You’ll surely have fun planning funny jokes and pranks to put on at your party. Check out these fun April Fools ideas to get started with your party planning.

April fools ideas
Man buried in rubber chickens. Photo courtesy of Mcphee.com.

April Fools Ideas Party Invitations

You can set the tone with guffaw inducing April Fool’s Day party invitations. Your friends will appreciate an invite that gives them a good laugh. You can create your own custom invite on PuprleTrail.com. Check out PurpleTrail’s great selecting of invitations for more ideas and inspiration. Add custom photos, wording, and create a totally unique custom design for your invitation.

Here are even more wonderfully whacky April Fools ideas. You can gift wrap a box of fake rubber candies and hand deliver it along with the invitation. Inscribe your invites with funny wording. Check out the following text for ideas.

You’ve probably heard
that many real doctors say
humor & laughter are healthy for
your heart and your well-being. Be one smart cookie and rush in to join this all Fools Party for a recommended dose.


The first of April, some do say, is set apart for April Fools Day.
But why the people call it so, Nor I, nor they themselves, do know.
The partys on for sure, on purpose for pure merriment.

If you’re planning on sending your guests e-vites, send them a funny video along with the invitation. Everyone will enjoy a hilarious comedic skit or a stand up. Make sure to ask  your party guests to bring their favorite funny videos to your celebration. They can bring a favorite comedy movie. Or ask them to bring home videos featuring gags and pranks they successfully pulled off on their unsuspecting family members or colleagues.

Inviting the Guests

Not necessarily everyone close to you fits the bill for a wacky party on April Fools. Invite only those who you are sure will get tickled by the plan you are putting in place. None of the pranks should get out of hand – and leave a guests mood, clothing, or hair permanently scarred. The ultimate responsibility lies on you as a host.

April Fools Ideas – Deocrations

Decorate the party entrance with a balloon arch and have the party space display posters of famous clowns and comedians. Arranging happy face balloons around the room is another easy way to decorate. For added effect, you can also hang some masks from the wall.

In the center of the party space, have a pinata in the shape of number one. Have “the biggest April fool” at the party take a swing at it. You can fill your pinata with candy or play a trick by filling it with confetti or rubber chickens. Your guest will love these fun and creative April Fools ideas.

April fools ideas
Flying monkey slingshot. Photo courtesy of zymetrical.com.

Prepare Your Jokes

Think ahead of all those small little tricks that ensure a bellyful of laughter, chuckles and giggles and are not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings. Check out these great April fools ideas for inspiration.

  • How about setting out whoopee cushions on some of the seating? Hide them under certain cushions of a couch.
  • Have an opaque perfume bottle filled with onion juice and maybe pass it around at the party.
  • You could also invest in slingshot flying monkey. At any time during the party just shoot at a guest and let the fun begin.
  • Mid way through the party ask a neighbor or friend to sport a mask and ring the doorbell. Let him/her attack whoever opens the door (it could be you or an unsuspecting guest) with the artificial knife whose blade pushes inside as soon as it touches something.
  • Place a transparent plastic sheet on one’s favorite carpet or book and drop gravy or ink on it.
  • Replace guests car keys with another set that looks same but cannot open the locks.
  • A fake car scratch or broken glass tattoo is good for people who love their cars.

April Fools Activity Ideas

To really pull off the party, be ready with a lot of activities, jokes, and tricks. Also stock a few Just for Laughs Gags videos and/or Charlie Chaplin videos.

Give your guests a sticker as soon as they enter. You can tell them that every time they pull a prank on another person they are entitled to his or her sticker. The guest with the greatest number of stickers at the end will be the winner.

Games: the Great Pantomime Act

As soon as people enter the party space, ask them to pick up chits (which you have prepared before hand). Then they mime the actions as instructed in the chit. For example, one of the chits says: mime how you would give a bath, or rub, to an Indian elephant. This activity is sure to generate enough laughs and get your guests in the party mood. You can have judges appointed by guests for this event. The guest with the best performance gets entitled to a fun party favor.

Food Ideas

Anything that looks delicious and tastes funny or unexpected is meant for this day. You can do a combination of  “funny” foods with some classic party snacks everyone is sure to enjoy. Be sure though to have enough snacks and drinks around the room which guests can reach out too. After all, any good exercise like laughter works up an appetite.

For some April Fools Day Recipes you could also check out this list at All Recipes.

Party Favors Ideas

Anything quirky would go down well as a favor for your April Fools day party. You can find a lot of simple, funny things online. Silly items like calculators in the shape of feet or glowing beer mugs will work great.

Have a side-splitting time at your April Fools Party! Hope these April Fools ideas will help plan a hilarious party your friends will not forget. Happy April Fools!

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