Anniversary Celebration Ideas – Making Memories

Every wedding anniversary deserves to be celebrated in a memorable way. Celebrating your wedding anniversary each year is a time to express the renewal of your commitment to one another and honor your time together. But deciding what to do for your big day can be stressful, especially if party planning isn’t your specialty. We’ve put together some great anniversary celebration ideas that we hope will inspire you and make your anniversary memorable.

Host A Party 

Whether you’re approaching a milestone wedding anniversary or you’d just love to get your friends and family together for a celebration, wedding anniversary party is a great way to honor your love and commitment to each other. Parties are always fun, and you can make your special event whatever you want it to be. Browse PurpleTrail’s large collection of anniversary party invitations which can be personalized to suit your style. Create your guest list to determine the size of your party. Browse this website for all kinds of anniversary party ideas from themes to favors. Get creative and make your anniversary party a special soiree you’ll never forget.

anniversary celebration ideas

Anniversary Celebration Inspiration

Just like a good marriage, a memorable wedding anniversary will involve communication. Here are some tips to include your spouse on the wedding anniversary celebration ideas so you can plan a memorable day:

  • Mark your wedding anniversary date prominently on your family calendar by circling the date and noting which anniversary you will be celebrating.
  • Discuss anniversary celebration ideas with your spouse and make plans together. Start planning how you will celebrate the day at least two weeks in advance.
  • Determine if you’d like to go all out and host a party, arrange a romantic dinner for just the two of you, or stay in and have a quiet evening together.
  • Keep an anniversary scrapbook or journal of your anniversary celebrations throughout the years. There may be a day when you might not remember how you celebrated some of your anniversaries! As your special day draws near, take out the scrapbook for inspiration.
  • Whether your celebration is large or small, include a special toast to one another in recognition of spending another year together.
  • For your first, fifth, or 10th wedding anniversary, create a time capsule. You can use a shoe box and seal it with tape. Mark it with a “Open On” date on the outside of the box. This will be a blast to open years down the road, during a milestone anniversary.
  • If you’re having a party, order an anniversary guestbook for all of your guests to write in memories or well wishes, something you can come back to years down the line.

Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Still stumped? Here are some ideas for a wonderful wedding anniversary you’ll never forget.

  • Plan a weekend getaway. Find a relaxing Bed and Breakfast with in driving distance. If you are more into active get-aways, sneak away to a place where there is plenty of hiking, biking or whatever activity you enjoy as a couple.
  • Recreate your honeymoon! If you loved the trip you took after the wedding, go back to the same spot. If you never took a honeymoon, plan a trip to somewhere you have both always wanted to visit.
  • Shop for and cook anniversary dinner together. One person chooses the entree and the other can choose dessert.
  • Order a personalized wedding certificate keepsake. Check out gallery of love for ideas.
  • Make a list of 10 things you’d like to experience or do in your lifetime. Alternate choosing something from each person every anniversary.
  • If it is a milestone wedding anniversary (10th, 25th, 50th etc.) splurge on a that piece of jewelry he/she has always wanted. If possible, engrave it with a little love note.
  • Re-create your first date. Did you go to a movie and awkwardly share a dessert? Try it again, all these years later.
  • Take a day to be tourists in your own city. Are there must-see attractions, beautiful viewing spots or delicious local cafes that attract visitors to your city? Visit them yourselves!
  • Book a couple’s photo shoot.
  • Stay in and watch your wedding video together. Talk about how you’ve changed and the ways you’re still the same.
  • Take a day trip. There are probably small towns within a couple of hours of your city that would be fun to explore together.
  • Check the symbol of your anniversary year and plan something fun around it. For example, the symbols of the 4th anniversary are fruit and flowers, so you could have a picnic in a field with plenty of fresh fruits.
  • Bust our your rarely-used wedding gifts, like the fondue pot and the fine china, and use them.
  • Try something crazy you’ve always wanted to do together, like indoor skydiving, parasailing or chartering a boat.
  • Instead of a standard restaurant meal, try a progressive dinner. Pick four restaurants and bars you’ve been wanting to try and just order one or two small things at each place.

Gift Guide

There’s no need to stress over wedding anniversary gifts. Every year of marriage comes with a traditional and modern gift suggestion that will put you on the right track. Click here to see a list of traditional and modern gifts.

The PurpleTrail team would like to wish you a very happy wedding anniversary, however you choose to celebrate it!

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