Indoor Activities For Kids – Family Fun When There’s No Sun

Cupcake Thank You Card

Summer break and other school vacation days can be long if you are unable to go out and play. If you are , stuck indoors more and you might be pulling your hair trying to think of indoor activities for kids. We put together some family fun when there’s no sun ideas to help your get through those gray days and manage the boredom factor.

Make personalized thank you cards.
Next time your kids get a gift, why not encourage them to express their gratitude in a fun way? Let them create personalized thank you cards. You can create them in the PurpleTrail design center and upload your child’s photo or let them pick the designs. The design center is so easy to use and the kids will have a blast putting together all the elements to make their very own personalized thank you cards. They’d be great to have on hand the whole year!

Cupcake Thank You Card

 Obstacle Course
Turn you living room into an obstacle course. Use pillows, chairs, string, soccer cones, paper bags, boxes; anything you can turn into an obstacle. Time each other as you go through it to add a little dose of competition. Change up the course to take it to the next level. Reward all the physical exertion with prizes and some cold lemonade or hot cocoa.

Fort Extravaganza
What kid doesn’t love to make forts? Gather, some blankets and sheets and let the building begin. Utility clamps are excellent for holding blankets and sheets in place. Use dining room chairs, tables, couches, cardboard boxes. The more creative the better. A great way to get started is by using a fitted sheet and sticking it over top the backs of four straight backed chairs. If you space the chairs out, enough, the sheet gets pulled tightly and makes an great roof for the fort. Bonus: put sleeping bags in the fort for an indoor camp out.

Couch cushion fort
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Scavenger Hunt
This also doubles as a, little clean up exercise. You can create a list of things (the things that need to be picked up and few fun ones too.) and give each child a basket. Whoever gathers all the things first wins! And since they’ll already be in a basket they can put them back where they belong. End the hunt with yummy snack for all their hunting efforts.

Board Games and Card Games
Bust out your favorite board games or try a new one you haven’t yet played. Have a child who has been bugging you to teach them a card game, seize the rainy days as the perfect day to show them. Some of the best stories can evolve out of family game time.

Board Game
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Talent Show
For the kids who love to perform, have them put on a talent show. Create a stage complete with a curtain if possible. , The fireplace hearth works very well for this. You can drape a sheet or blanket over a wooden dowl and prop it on the mantle. Let each child create an act and rehearse for a short time before putting on the show. The adults can join in too. Everyone will enjoy seeing the hidden talents of the family.

Indoor Picnic
Create a little bit of summer to last through the fall. Spread a picnic blanket out in the living room. Serve your favorite picnic fare and enjoy all the fun of outdoor picnic indoors. You can incorporate games too. A relay race or, a three legged race are great games that can still be played indoors.

kids indoor picnic
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Paper Bag Sock Bowling
Set up ten paper bag lunch sacks like ten bowling pins. Give each player a balled up pair of socks to use as their bowling ball. Take turns hurling your sock ball down the “lane” at the paper bag pins. Keep score and play as many rounds as you like!

Who doesn’t love freshly baked goods? Take those over ripe bananas and make some banana bread or try out grandma’s chocolate cake recipe. You could even make extra to deliver to friends and family to bright their day with a few sweet or savory treats. Make dough that you can freeze so it will be ready to go the next rainy day.

Kids Cooking At Home
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Movie Marathon
Been dying to watch the Twilight series again or catch up on your favorite television series? Pop some popcorn and have a movie marathon. Set up a comfy spot in front of the TV and stay in your best pajamas all day long. Plan snacks that are easy to eat in front of the television (just this once, mom!) and enjoy a relaxing day of your favorite movies or shows.

Rainy Day Jar
Why not take this opportunity to make the next rainy day session easier. Create a rainy day jar. Brainstorm some of your favorite indoor activities and write them on slips of paper. Try and come up with 10 to 20 ideas. Place them in the jar and leave it somewhere where you’ll remember it! Then, the next time you are forced to think up some great indoor activities for the kids, you’ll have the jar to draw from. Update it each time with new ideas so you get a good variety of options. Be sure to let all the family members contribute.

Enjoy these ideas for  indoor activities for kids! You can still have lots of family fun when there’s no sun!

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