A Last Airbender Party

Planning a kids’ party? As you begin to plan and send out party invitations, consider this fun theme. Several years ago, Nickelodeon produced a popular show called Avatar: The Last Airbender that kids loved over the course of three seasons. This popular show has now come to life on the big screen with M. Night Shyamalans version of The Last Airbender. This is sure to be popular for the fans of the TV show and make a fun party theme and even a Halloween costume this year. In your invitation, request that your guests dress as Airbenders, or provide temporary tattoos, capes, and colorful tops for the kids to dress in upon their arrival to the party. Also, make sure that the kids bring their bathing suits to this party.


Set the party area, (ideally your yard) up as a training course in the following elements: fire, earth, and water.

For the fire section, use a large appliance box and paint it red with fire flames, and use this as party of an obstacle course.

For the earth section, pile dirt and rocks in an area.

For the water section, have a small pool filled with water, water balloons prepared, and even sprinklers and water toys.

For the party activities, have the kids train to defeat the Fire Nation:

Either divide the kids into groups or let the kids move through the training course together:

In the water area, the kids must master Waterbending, as Aang does. Provide the kids with water balloons and have the kids pair off and toss their balloons back and forth. Who can toss the longest without breaking the balloon?

Using a water slide , (like a slip and slide) have the kids slip and slide and bend over as they run through. Make sure this is well supervised, but let them try their best Airbender moves as they slide across the water.

In the earth area, the guests must learn the art of Earthbending.

Hold a Rock Relay Race. Divide the kids into two teams each with their own pile of rocks. The teams must move all of the rocks from one area of the party to the opposite side. The team that finishes first, wins.

Finally, the kids are ready to learn Firebending as their final training piece.

Create an obstacle course that the kids must move through as quickly as possible to escape the fire. (You can use the appliance box that looks like fire as a cornerstone piece of this course. Otherwise, set up chairs, ropes, beams, and anything else you have around your home to create this obstacle course.)

If you have access to a fire pit or a grill, have the kids make a treat over the fire to make friends with it, Smores would make an excellent choice.

Aang is a vegetarian, and so this is a great party to serve up fruits and veggies. Make veggie skewers with your childs favorite vegetables. Serve up pasta salad, fruit salad, and veggies with dips.

For sweet treats, rock candy, fireballs, and flavored waters would be excellent choices.

In addition to smores, bake up a batch of cupcakes and have the kids decorate according to the elements: red icing, gray icing, and blue icing with candy toppings.

Send the kids home with rock candy pops and temporary tattoos from the party.

Get set for an extraordinary Airbender party to remember!

Lisa Kothari is the Founder and President of Peppers and Pollywogs, a kids party planning company. Visit our experts page to read more about Lisa Kothari and our party planning experts.

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