Christmas Party Themes – A Grinch Who Stole Christmas

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A Christmas party theme can turn a standard holiday celebration into an awesome annual tradition. Everyone loves a themed party, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a favorite tale this time of year. The book, TV special, and movie are all Christmas classics. Why not make this iconic Christmas story a theme for your next celebration? Everyone will enjoy a How the Grinch Stole Christmas holiday party theme. Check out this list of suggestions to find out how it’s done. 

Christmas Party Themes: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Christmas Party Theme
How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Whos Who?

Make up your guests to look like the Whos in Who-ville! Have three stations set up for when your guests arrive to make this transformation. Provide proper accessories, as well as a hair, nails, and makeup equipment. Girls will especially like these stations, while the boys may just be interested in the hair do. Using hairspray, curling irons, clips, and gel, make their hairstyles into those of the Who. Continue transforming the guests with nails and cheeky makeup. If you don’t want to include this as part of your party, encourage guests to dress up as their favorite Who when you send the party invitations.

Music and Entertainment

To add to the Christmas party theme, play the How the Grinch Stole Christmas movie or TV program. If it’s mainly a children’s party, read the classic Dr. Seuss tale aloud. Play the How the Grinch Stole Christmas soundtrack in the background, or have a sing-a-long. You could even put on a How the Grinch Stole Christmas play. Your guests will love these fun and interacting forms of entertainment!


Here are few grinchy craft projects you can set up to keep your guests entertained. Make antlers for the Grinchs Dog, Max. This project is fun and easy. Plus, the antlers will make for a cute party favor for your guests. Make the antlers out of paper and headbands. Check out for more antler making instructions.


Hold a Grinch Trivia Quiz. It would be a good idea to do this after you and your guests finish watching the movie or reading the book. Simply split your guests up into teams and start asking questions. The team the answers the most questions correct is the winner. Provide the winning team with a fun prize. Trivia will add fun and excitement to your grinchy Christmas party theme. Here are some sample questions you can use to get started.

  • What is the dogs name?
  • Where does the Grinch live?
  • What is the main reason the Grinch hates Christmas?
  • Where do the Whos live?
  • What materials did the Grinch use to make his coat & hat?
  • How many times does the Grinch get stuck in the chimney?
  • How long was the Grinch stuck?
  • Why did the Grinch think he could go down the chimney?
  • The Who Children will dance with what tied to their heels on Christmas day?
Christmas Party Theme
How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
  • Who was the only Who who saw the Grinch on Christmas Eve?
  • How much do the Whos like Christmas?
  • While raiding the refrigerator, the Grinch took the last can of what?
  • What did the dog do before the Grinch tied him to the front of the sleigh?
  • What did the Grinch use to fasten the horn on the dogs head?
  • Where did the Grinch stop first?
  • How did the Grinch get the idea to dress up as Santa?
  • Where did the Grinch tell the Who he was taking the Christmas tree?
  • What did the Grinch leave on the walls?
  • What was the last thing the Grinch took?
  • After eating their Christmas meal, what do the Whos do that the Grinch hates?
  • What is the name of the Mount where the Grinch took the Whos Christmas, and how high was it?
  • What did the Grinch do at the Whos Christmas feast?


Have a Present Stealing Relay Race. Using empty boxes as the kids sleighs, have the kids steal away the “presents” as fast as can be done on their sleighs. You can have a bunch of decorations, small boxes, etc. to serve as the holiday goodies.

Roast Beast and Who-Pudding

Everyone knows that the Who holiday feast includes Roast Beast and Who-Pudding. If you are looking for menu ideas, have a small roast that sits at a carving station in your kitchen, as well as a pudding. This can be a chocolate pudding, easy to make and kids love it, or a fancy steamed pudding cake for the holidays, much more extravagant, but worth it. Make your party table fancy for the feast. Using a real tablecloth may be just the trick. If you have Grinch stuffed animals, ornaments, or pictures, place them on the table as well.

Grinch Cake Walk

Enjoy a Grinch Cake Walk. Set out large, green Grinch footprints made from green construction paper. Place numbers on each one. Set the music to play and have the kids march around on the footprints. When the music stops, draw a number and the kid standing on that numbered footprint wins a green cupcake. The contest continues until everyone has enjoyed some cake.

Wrapping up the Party

Send the kids home with their set of antlers and a small tree that they have decorated to symbolize the Grinch’s new outlook and his large heart. Hope these fun Christmas party theme ideas gave you the inspiration you need to throw a fantastic Grinch holiday party! Have a Grinchy time!

Submitted by Lisa Kothari

Lisa Kothari is the Founder and President of Peppers and Pollywogs, a kids’ party planning company. 


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