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Check out these Ben 10 party ideas to plan an awesome kids birthday party! Ben 10 is a popular Cartoon Network show. The main character Ben is a 10-year-old boy who happens upon an Omnitrix, which gives Ben the power to transform into ten alien heroesóÔ,ČÔÇŁeach with their own special powers. Ben uses his newly acquired powers to help his friends and the world. Whether fighting the evil villain, Vilgax, or any series of villains that come Bens way, he is prepared to fight them off and save the day.

This is a great action-packed party theme for your Ben 10 fan, and PurpleTrail has plenty of Ben 10 party ideas to help you plan a super celebration!

Ben 10 Party Ideas

Ben 10 Party Ideas

For the Invitation:

Create an Omnitrix to be hand delivered to your guests. Using heavy card stock, create a shape of a watch dial and write one of the aliens names on it. This will be the alien that the guest will play at the party. On the reverse side of the dial, include your party details. Attach the invitation to a thick, green plastic band that can easily be wrapped around the guests hand and worn to the party.

Party Decor:

Decorate the party area with alien lava rocks. To make them, wrap brown paper bags around large rocks, and spray paint them yellow and green. Place the lava rocks around the front entrance to the party.

Create a crash site, like the one that Ben finds the Omnitrix in. Cut large cardboard boxes into the pieces of a spacecraft. Place them so that it looks like the spacecraft crashed. Use foil paper on the floor for added authenticity. (This is a great party to hold outdoors, given the Bens adventure begins when he goes camping with his family.)

Party Activities:

When the kids arrive, make sure they are wearing their Omnitrix. While everyone is waiting for the guests to arrive, use face paint to turn your party guests into their alien form. Hire a teenager to do the acceptation or let the kids paint each others faces for even more fun just make sure to let the kids do this in an area that you dont mind getting messy.

Using large sheets of butcher paper, the kids can also create life-size aliens of their characters. Provide markers and a description of what the alien looks like. Let the kids create images of the aliens and hang up on the walls around the party table or on the backs of the chairs so everyone knows who is who. The party guests can take these home as well.

When everyone has arrived, create an alien adventure for Ben 10 (the birthday child) and his aliens (the guests).
Hold an Asteroid Spoon Race. Divide the kids into two teams and provide each with a spoon and a colored hard-boiled egg, which is the Asteroid. Which team can move it the fastest?

Make green slime, an alien favorite. Whats even better? Make up a batch of green gelatin and hold a gelatin-eating contest where the kids must only use their mouths to finish their slime bowl. You can feel free to add gummy worms to the mix too for additional fun.

Watch a Ben 10 Episode!

Hold a Ben 10 Trivia Contest. After the kids have created their own alien, test their knowledge of the alien facts. Who remembers the most facts?

Play Alien Charades and see who can guess which alien the guest is acting out. If they have created their own alien, then use slips of paper with the different alien names on them and see who guesses first!

Send the kids on a Ben 10 Alien training course at the crash site you created. Have the kids race to take the rocks back and forth from area of the site to the next, see who can lift up the spacecraft and move it to a different area, and who can make the loudest sound with the foil paper? Set up a series of different challenges for the kids to have fun with at the crash site.


Ben 10 Party Ideas


Party Food:

For your party menu, serve up an alien menu of pizza with green and yellow toppings, i.e. green peppers, green olives, pineapple, banana peppers. Have the kids create their own alien pizzas with these toppings.

Serve green pistachio pudding.

Bake a batch of cupcakes, and let the kids decorate them as their own Omnitrix, using white frosting tinted with green food coloring and candies to create the dial.

Send the kids home with a green and yellow goody bags filled with Pop Rocks candies, green slime, green plastic watches (dime storm to look like the Omnitrix), and any other Alien items you can think of.

Ben 10 is a great party theme for an alien/space theme for school-aged boys too.

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