Baby Sprinkle Ideas

So your sister is expecting her third child. She doesn’t want a big “to do” but this baby deserves to be celebrated. A great baby shower theme is a Baby Sprinkle, not a shower. A Baby Sprinkle can really be whatever you want but as the name implies, it’s not meant to be a full blown baby shower, just a Sprinkle to celebrate this baby’s arrival. The goal here is to keep it low key. Choose some stylish and cheap baby shower invitations to set the tone. Check out these baby sprinkle ideas for food, invitations and more!

Baby Shower Invitations

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Baby Sprinkle Ideas

Time of Day. Consider hosting it in the evening, with casual appetizers or a light dinner along with a light dessert just sprinkled with some decadence. Or, consider a brunch and serve up a sprinkling of the brunch dishes that sound delicious to the expecting mama.

Decorations. Keep decorations to a minimum. Just a sprinkle of fresh flowers and maybe a welcome baby banner to. Keep things classy and elegant. The idea is to great a baby shower celebration that’s subtle and relaxing.

Food. Don’t go nuts on creating the world’s cutest smorgasbord. Choose a few delicious options and accent them with a few baby themed items. Serve some of the expecting mom’s favorites. If it’s a small shower, consider making a few dishes to serve family style at the table to encourage a casual environment for great conversation.

Gifts. Make gift giving optional or perhaps encourage that guests donate their time as a gift like offering to bring dinners or have the older sibling over for a playdate once the new baby arrives.

With just a sprinkling of love and celebration this baby is bound to feel as anticipated as his or her siblings were and mama won’t feel overwhelmed with more stuff and fluff.

We hope you enjoyed these baby sprinkle ideas from PurpleTrail. 

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