50th Anniversary Party Ideas

Gray And Teal 50th Wedding Anniversary Invitation

Can anything be more special than celebrating 50 years of togetherness? The momentous occasion that marks fifty years of marriage is traditionally symbolized with gifts of gold. As you toss around 50th anniversary party ideas, remember to set the tone with amazing 50th anniversary invitations. Check out the following tips to plan a grand golden anniversary party.

Gray And Teal 50th Wedding Anniversary Invitation
Gray and Teal 50th wedding anniversary invitation by PurpleTrail.

50th Anniversary Party Ideas

When Should The Celebration Take Place

When thinking of 50th anniversary party ideas, the first thing that comes to mind is deciding when to celebrate. The most obvious choice would be on the special day itself, but chances are that the couple has their own plans for the special celebration. The next best choice is the nearest weekend to allow both the couple and the guests to attend without having to take time off work, etc. Try to avoid holiday weekends and weekends with large civic events as most hotel rooms will be booked and traffic will be heavy.

Guest List

Start with family. Then add in, friends, coworkers and colleagues from groups and organizations the couple may be members of. And most importantly, consider who the couple will want there, not who you want to invite. Ask close family members and friends to help compile the guest list.

Activities to do as a Host:

  • For a musical background at the party play songs from the decade the couple was married. Alternatively, if the couple has specific musical taste, choose songs and styles accordingly. Be sure to keep the volume of the music low, as everyone will want to chat and you don’t want them to have to compete with the music.
  • Within the anniversary party invites, ask your guests to bring along a fond memory of the couple. For example, they could affix a photograph from a memorable time they shared and write a little about it. Assemble these in a scrapbook or photobook as a gift for the couple. Decorate the cover with a wedding photograph, and leave room at the end of the book for them to add memories in the years to come. This gift will be an absolute treasure to the couple get ready for some laughter and some tears.
  • Capture your party from your guests’ point of view with single-use cameras. Leave one on each table and place a basket by the door so people can drop them in as they leave.
  • Guests at a 50th wedding anniversary party will want to see how the couple has changed in these fifty years of marriage. Collect pictures before hand and display them on a table, so that guests can move around and enjoy the happy moments the couple has shared.
  • Get a Guestbook. It’s a surefire way to ensure the hosts and/or the happy couple can look back on the event and remember with fondness who all shared that special time with them. Anniversary guestbooks can be just a custom as the cards, so don’t hold back.

Anniversary Decoration Ideas

Let the decorations of the venue be symbolic for your anniversary celebration party and create the perfect ambiance.

  • Traditional elements can help set the perfect stage for a 50th wedding anniversary party. Begin by selecting ivory table cloths.
  • Then in the center of each table place an opened black, violet, burgundy or navy cloths or lace handkerchiefs. Then, sprinkle some gold metallic confetti on the darkened cloth center. The contrast of the dark fabric against the ivory table cloths will add an extra dimension of shine and glitter to the confetti sprinkles.
  • Easy centerpieces can be made out of ivory colored pillar candles placed upon golden plates. A ring of golden tulle and small violets can be tied around the base of the candle.
  • Decorate the party space with golden and silver balloons. You can place these balloons in bunches all thoughout the room. Then you can also use golden and silver streamers to give it a more dramatic effect.
  • Using some candles with golden wreaths can also add up to the party mood.
  • A theme from a song or movie of that era or a favorite of the couple could also be incorporated into the decorating theme.
Shimmering Golden 50th Anniversary Party Idea Invitation
Shimmering Golden 50th wedding anniversary invitation magnet by PurpleTrail.

More Ideas To Add To The Decorations:

  • Display the wedding photos and/or album.
  • Display pictures from over the years.
  • Display the wedding dress if available.
  • Use as many items from the original wedding day as possible and recreate others as needed.
  • Display copies of old songs and hymns from the wedding.
  • Get a nice recent picture of the couple to display as well.

50th Anniversary Party Food Ideas

If you want and can afford a caterer, get one. That way you will have time to mingle well with your guests and take care of the honored couple. If you cant afford it, though, then try to prepare foods that you can make in advance. Casserole dishes are a great option because they just need to be heated up. However, you will want to make sure to include some of the couples favorite dishes as well. Stock up on sodas, wines, and beers too, so that you dont have to play bartender all night long. Select a memorable menu for the not-so-newlyweds. This could be a meal based on the menu they shared on their first date, or consider recreating the menu from their wedding day. Another idea is that it can be the favorite meal the wife has cooked for her husband over the years – only this time she doesn’t have to do the cooking!

Gifts For The Couple

When shopping for the couple, consult people who know their tastes and preferences. Interpret gold as treasure. A gold key for key rings, golden caviar and tasting spoon or a storage chest or wooden box make ideal gifts. Jewelry is an obvious, and good, choice when looking for gold-themed gifts, especially when the item itself is unique. But sometimes the most precious gifts cost very little, a framed picture of the family or a poem written by one of the children will be a priceless gift that the happy couple will cherish forever.

Aqua Happily Ever After 50th anniversary invitation by PurpleTrail.

Anniversary Party Favors for the guests:

  • A chocolate bar with a wrapper personalized to commemorate the day.
  • A cello bag of chocolates wrapped in gold foil tied with a gold ribbon.
  • A beautiful brocade pouch filled with chocolate wrapped in gold foil that has been tied with a gold tassel.
  • A small, gold tone picture frame with a portrait of the couple.
  • A split of champagne that has been personalized for the event.
  • A CD with the music that will be played during the party.

Anniversary Celebration Etiquette:

  • Send out invitations to an anniversary party or reaffirmation ceremony around four to six weeks before the celebration.
  • Although a receiving line is a traditional part of an anniversary party, some people really dislike them. Don’t force the anniversary couple to participate in a receiving line if they are hesitant to do so.
  • While making an anniversary speech toast take great care not to include a joke which will even slightly insult either partner. Remember it is both of them that are celebrating their anniversary and they should be able to enjoy it.
  • Be sure to include the grandchildren in the festivities. Don’t make this an adults-only party.
  • When seating guests at an anniversary party generally the oldest son sits on his mother’s right; the oldest daughter sits on her father’s left; and the best man or maid of honor from the couple’s wedding day sit with their respective spouses at the main table.

Cheers to the happy couple! Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!

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