Baby Shower Games – 5 Games For Game Loathers

As you send out your baby shower invites, consider what types of games you might play. Games at baby showers are a good way to encourage people to interact and mingle. However, many of us do not enjoy these games of forced participation, in fact, we loathe them. That being said, they are a great way for the group to share some laughs and smiles. We’ve put together baby shower games – 5 games for, game loathers and they should be a hit with any crowd!

What Was Mommy Wearing?

Mom-to-be is the center of attention today…but how well were your guests paying attention to her? Find out when Mom leaves the room and you surprise your guests with this pop quiz! Once the all the guests have arrived and had a chance to settle in. Discretly ask the mama to be to leave the room. Then hand out the quiz and see who the sharpest observer is!.

Pin the Bottle on the Calendar

Purchase a quality, decorative wall calendar. Pin it to the wall, opened to the month of of the due date. Cut out a paper bottle and place a piece of double stick tape to the back. Blindfold each guest, spin her around, and watch each guest attempt to “pin the bottle” to the expected due date”. The winner of the calendar is the guest who pins closest to the estimated due date.

Baby Advice Book

Purchase a journal type book or put together your own book with enough sheets of paper for each guesst to write advice to the parent’s, or mom to be. Be sure to get a picture of each guest and place their picture next to their piece of advice. This is a great keepsake and something the mom might use quite frequently!

Name That Baby!

This is a great game for a couples shower or for those who haven’t figured out a name for their new baby. Write the couple’s first names down the side of a piece of paper. Hand a paper to each player. Give them 3 minutes or soe to come up with a name for each letter of the couple’s names. There isn’t really a winner in this game. It’s just a fun way to give mom and dad a few helpful suggestions!

Baby Raffle

This couldn’t be easier for the guest! Create Raffle tickets and have each guest donate a dollar to the baby’s diaper fund or college fund, whatever fund you think the parents will appreciate! Make sure each ticket is marked with a number on the top and the bottom (which will be ripped off for each guest to keep). Place the tickets in a box or basket (decorated of course!) and have a small prize for the winner. Conduct the drawing near the end of the shower and allow multiple entries per person if you have a more elaborate prize. Be sure to give the money to the parent’s to be!

Guess The Baby’s Birthday Stats

Ok, I know we said five games for game loathers but this one is really easy and fun so we had to add it. Guess the Baby’s Birthday Stats is very easy and you won’t find out the winner until the baby is born! Pass out these cute little cards to your guests and have them fill out their guesses about the baby’s weight, length, eye color, birthday, etc. This makes a great keepsake for the parents-to-be too!

Remember even if the games aren’t immediately well received, people always end up having fun once they start. The main focus, of course, is the mommy to be and her beautiful little baby on the way. Serve good food and have comfy seats and your baby shower will be a success for sure!

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