Summer Fun: Kids Party Games

Summer fun is on the way, and the scorching season will soon be in full swing. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting a 4th of July party or just want to keep your little ones entertained, you’ll love these summertime kids party games our party experts have put together. For more ideas for party themes or to begin creating your custom summer party invitations, check out


Playful Inner Tube Pool Party Invitation by
Playful Inner Tube Pool Party Invitation by


Croquet Course

Set up a croquet course but instead of using the wire wickets, use recyclables from around the house. Cut the bottom off an oatmeal container and use it as a tunnel for the ball. Use paper towel tube as barriers to create a twisting path. Set soda cans up like bowling pins to be knocked down. The possibilities are endless! check out these fun croquet party invitations on Change text, fonts and colors to make the cards unique to your event.


Green Croquet Set Game Day Invitation by
Green Croquet Set Game Day Invitation by


Sidewalk Designs

Gather up the neighborhood kids and bring out the sidewalk chalk. Draw summertime murals filled with suns, ice cream cones, stars, stripes, flags and fireworks. You can even make it into a contest selecting a few neighbors to judge for the winner!

Leaky Balloon Toss

Fill up a water balloon and poke a tiny hole in it with a safety pin just before you begin. Players should stand or sit in a circle passing the balloon as fast as they can the person who left holding the empty balloon goes to the middle. Continue the game until there are only 2 players left to toss the balloon. This is a great game for a hot day!

Flag Relay

Divide the kids into two teams. Set up two buckets filled with sand and small American flags (enough for each child). The first child from each team runs down to their team’s bucket and plucks up a flag. They then have to march back, not run to their teammates to tag in the next player. Repeat until each child on each team has had a turn.

Squirt Wars

Using strong tape (like duct tape) tape 4 strips of crepe paper (lighter colored is best) to each child’s back. Arm each child with a spray bottle filled with water. Then let the squirting begin. The child with the most paper intact after all the water is gone is the winner.

Obstacle Course

Turn the backyard into a giant obstacle course. Climb over or under lawn chairs. Jump stepping stones, hop on one foot along the garden path. Get creative! Kids and adults will have fun with participating.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always a hit with kids, and summertime means you can take it outside. Create a list of things the kids can find outside (dandelion, sparrow, twig, etc.) and keep the game going until every item has been spotted.

Red Light, Green Light

This is a classic game that never goes out of style. One child plays the role of the “stoplight,” and the rest line up about 25 feet away. The stoplight faces away from the rest of the kids and yells, “Green light!” The kids race toward the stoplight until the stop light yells “Red light!” At this point the stoplight turns around. If any child is caught moving, he or she is out. The first person to touch the stop light wins!

We hope you enjoy every celebration this summer and that these kids party games will keep the little ones in your life happily entertained. Our summer party invitations are awaiting your customization! Check out for further party theme ideas and invitations.

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