1st Birthday Party Ideas For Boys — Summer Birthday Ideas

If your son’s birthday lands between June and August, use these warm and bright 1st birthday party ideas to organize a spectacular summertime celebration. With advice ranging from themes, first birthday party invitations, venues, and decorations — we’ll help you through the party planning process from start to finish.  Follow our lead and you’ll have a shining summer soiree planned in to time.

1st birthday party ideas for boy
Little boy smelling a daisy.

1st Birthday Party Theme

The first thing you’ll need to do is decide on an appropriate theme for your son’s approaching birthday. All of your party’s accessories will correlate with your theme, so choose wisely. Consider going with a simple summer color scheme such as green and white, blue and green, or brown and white.

Another option is to choose a specific subject. Dinosaurs, bugs, and pirates are great choices — they correlate well with warm weather and are very popular party themes. Do a little research — try checking out Pinterest — to find a theme that is perfect for your son’s summer birthday celebration, or try taking a look at some of the ideas listed below.

  • Beach Themed First Birthday
  • Garden Themed First Birthday
  • Western Themed First Birthday
  • Safari Themed First Birthday
  • Circus Themed First Birthday
  • Rustic Themed Frist Birthday

1st Birthday Invitations

Create custom first birthday party invitations that match your theme perfectly. Consider making custom photo invitations, so you can show off how very-cute your little man is! Hire a professional photographer and snap a few summer photos especially for your invitations.

1st birthday party ideas for boys
Summer themed green and white 1st birthday invitation by PurpleTrail.com.

Or, show your guest how much your little guy has grown  by including a short photo timeline on the back of your invitations. Add a photo of him when he was first born, then add a shot of him several months later, and another photo of how he looks today. Your guests will love admiring your little bundle of joy, and they can hold on to the invites as a keepsake of your son.

Don’t forget to include important details regarding the celebration. Include where the party will be located, when it is, and what the guests should bring.  Try to send out your invites well ahead of time. Your guests will need ample time to prepare for your child’s special day.

1st Birthday Venues

Take advantage of summer’s great whether and hold your celebration outside. There are a plethora of outdoor venue options to choose from —  including your own backyard. Take a look at our suggestion below for wonderful outdoor venue inspiration.

Beach: Hold your celebration at your favorite beach. You can even make “beach” the theme of your celebration. This is a great venue choice because adults and youngster alike will enjoy the tranquil scenery. Your guests can celebrate you son’s birthday while soaking up some rays, swimming, and building sand castles.

Before selecting a beach, you’ll want to make sure there are bathrooms nearby. Also check to see if the area is clean, safe, and if there’s a lifeguard on duty.  Finally, try to coordinate the date of your party with good weather (this may be tricky, but do your best!). Also, make sure there’s enough shade. If not, you can always prepare umbrellas or a tent, so  your guests can escape from the hot sun when need be.

1st birthday party ideas for boys -- summer birthday party ideas
Baby at the beach.

Garden: What better way to celebrate your son’s first birthday than in a garden filled with fresh flowers, plants, and greenery? Many cities offer an array of botanical gardens which can be reserved and used as party venues. Do a Google search to find one in your area and inquire for more details.

Park: Parks are great choices for summer birthday parties. You’ll have plenty of space and you’ll get to enjoy the outdoors. You’ll have freedom to set up games for the kids as well as a grill for hot dogs, hamburgers, or veggie burgers.

1st birthday party ideas for boys
A beautiful park.

Another plus of this venue option is that you’ll save money. Reserving a picnic area at a local city park is usually free. You will have to notify your city’s Parks and Recreation office ahead of time and let them know you plan on throwing a party in the park. Sometimes they will ask for a small deposit or you may have to pay a rental fee. You’ll also want to get a feel for the park’s rules and regulations, check out the restrooms, and make sure there’s enough shade and seating for all of your guests.

Zoo: Throwing your party at a zoo is a great idea, especially if it goes along with your party theme. Kids and adults will enjoy strolling through the exhibits and checking out all the animals. Many zoos will even help host your birthday party via offering entertainment, activities for the kids, and close animal encounter shows. Inquire about birthday parties at your local zoo and see what they have to offer.

1st Birthday Decorations

Create large photo boards and display them throughout your venue — if your venue is outside, you can purchase or make your own stands for the boards. Cover up tables with bright colored tablecloths and a heavy centerpiece — to weigh down the tablecloth in case it gets windy.

1st birthday party ideas for boys -- summer birthday ideas
Tables and decoration prepared for an outdoor party.

Hang colorful paper lanterns and banners from tree branches, as shown in the photo above. Make sure your guests have plenty of seating as well as shade. You can set up a small tent, so your guests can take shelter from the elements when need be. Try setting up a few hammocks, a cooler for drinks, and a grill.

1st Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

Hope these 1st birthday party ideas for boys gave you the inspiration you need to plan an unforgettable celebration. Make sure to start planning for your special celebration well ahead of time, so everything is ready in time for your son’s birthday. Ask a few friends or family members for help. The more people involved, the more creative and fun the party planning process will be. Enjoy planning for your child’s momentous occasion and congratulations.

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