1st Birthday Invitation Wording Ideas

Celebrating a child’s first year is exciting for the whole family. Even though the party is mostly for the parents to mark their survival of the first year, a party inviting friends and family is a fabulous way to celebrate this amazing occasion.  As you begin planning out our child’s first birthday party, you’ll want to find the perfect 1st birthday invitations. We’ve put together our favorite 1st birthday invitation wording ideas for you to choose from.

Pink And Green Ladybug 1st Birthday Booklet Invite

1st Birthday Invitation Wording

First teeth, first curls, he’s crawling around
Spencer is growing by leaps and bounds.
There is one more first to celebrate
With balloons, a candle and a cake!

Hip, hip hooray!
Baby Joseph turns one today!

Our little prince is turning one,
We hope you can join us to have some fun!

The cake will have one candle
We’ll have lots of food and fun
So come and help us celebrate
As Samantha turns ONE!

The year flew by, it went so fast
But we’ve had fun; its been a blast!

It’s been a very exciting year
full of joy, love and fun.
We hope you’ll celebrate with us
as our little girl turns one!

He’s cute and sweet and so much fun.
Our little prince is turning one!

We can’t believe
that it’s been a whole year,
Emma’s 1st Birthday
is already here!

A little cake, a lot of fun, and a sweet little host who’s turning 1!

Please come and join the fun, ’cause Amy smith is turning 1!

Join for some fun, Jake is turning 1!
Cake, snacks, games and more!
There’s sure to be laughter and giggles galore!

One blessed year ago, we received the greatest gift we’ve ever known
Marianne is turning one, please join us for some fun.

Blue And Black Moustache 1st Birthday Invitation

Funny 1st Birthday Invitation Wording

Let’s toast to a year of sleepless nights an immeasurable joy!
David is turning one!

Sure we’re tired but we are ready to celebrate!
Join us for Jordan’s 1st birthday party!

Balloons, cupcakes and babies, oh my!
Join us as we celebrate the twins’ first birthday!

Some said it could not be done, but little Jack is turning 1!
So join us for a celebration with lots of cake and treats for you.
Well have some fun with all of you!

After 12 months
in the minor leagues
is hitting the big O-N-E!

Come one, come all and join the fun!
Our, baby Einstein is turning 1!

Hundreds of diapers
Not enough sleep
But being Hadley’s parents
Just can’t be beat.
Join us for a 1st birthday celebration
in honor of
Hadley Jane Meade

Pink Ribbon First Birthday Invitation

1st Birthday Poems

This year of firsts has brought so much.
Delightful smiles, giggles and such.
First steps, first laughs, first words, first hugs.
A precious sweet smile lights up our lives
Our little family just continues to thrive.
We are so happy to celebrate
Please join us on this special date.

Giggles and goos
Tickles and coos
On this day we celebrate
The birth of our baby
And we just can’t wait.

Oh blessed day!
We waited for so long to say
It’s our little baby’s first birthday
All the joy we’ve seen this year
We’d like to to celebrate with all those near and dear

Our life is blessed in so many ways
This amazing child has graced our days
With unconditional love and joy
We celebrate our baby boy
So please come join us if you can
To celebrate the birthday of our little man

Tiny Cars First Birthday Invitation

1st Birthday Party Tips

  • Keep food really simple (for little guests to enjoy) or plan to have a kids’ food table and adults’ food table with more “sophisticated” options.
  • Plan the party around the child’s nap time and don’t be afraid to enforce an official end time if your child needs to nap.
  • Two hours is plenty of time for a 1st birthday party.
  • KISS – Keep it simple, silly. First birthdays are about celebrating this wonderful addition to your family. You don’t need to go overboard with decorations and food.
  • Assign a family member or friend to be the party photographer – it will free you up as the host to keep the party going and allow you to have all the great photo ops captured.
  • Send out invitations at least three weeks in advance. You’ll want to make sure all the important people can make it.

A first birthday celebration is such an amazing time in a family’s life. Enjoy yourself and be sure to take some time out for yourself! After all,  you’ve worked hard this year. Happy birthday to your little one! We hope your 1st birthday celebration is magnificent.

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