16th Birthday Themes

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As you prepare your 16th Birthday Theme invitations, remember that a girl’s 16th birthday is definitely a milestone. She is moving on and moving up in the world! Give her a party she’ll remember for years to come. Our party experts have put together some great ideas for 16th birthday themes. Find one to fit your birthday girl!

Dance Party

Teenage girls love to dance. If you house won’t accommodate a dance floor, consider renting out a room at your community center or even an out door venue. A good DJ will also incorporate contests and games into the evening. Things like Music Trivia, Name That Song, or Who Knows The Birthday Girl Best are fun to play.

Amusement Park

If your birthday girl is an adventure seeker, why not take her and her closest friend to an amusement park for the day. They’ll have a blast on the rides an loading up on soft pretzels, cotton candy and fresh lemonade! It will certainly give her a birthday to remember.

Dinner Out

Maybe your birthday girl prefers something a little more intimate and subdued? Why not take her and a her good friends out to her favorite restaurant or the restaurant she’s been dying to try! If her crowd of friends exceeds more than a few, see about renting out a private room so they can celebrate in style! You can often set pre-planned menu with just a few entree, salad and dessert choices. A menu full of the birthday girl’s favorites? What more could she ask for? (Maybe a limo ride to the venue…)

Night At The Movies

Teenagers love movies, so why not send her and her friends to the latest teen movie. If the budget allows, send her with a little spending money for treats and drinks to boot. You can also look into the cost of renting the theater for a private showing. . ,

Backyard BBQ

If your teenager prefers a casual party, turn your backyard into party central. Host a delicious barbecue and fill the day with games and fun. Think of activities the girls would enjoy, sports tournament, relay races, or just hanging and chatting with friends. Supply great food, cool beverages and great music and it will be a fantastic birthday celebration.

Red Carpet Affair

For the birthday diva, consider hosting a red carpet affair. Most teenage girls love getting all dressed up. Find a red carpet to roll out and have parents act as paparazzi to take the guest pictures as they arrive. Have the guest of honor come out once everyone else arrives. Serve party punch in champagne flutes and serve decadent desserts or elegant finger foods to the crowd of famous teens. Your birthday girl will feel like a celebrity in her own home!

American Idol

For the teens who love to sing and dance, host an American Idol party. Let guests know in advance so they can perfect their act. Allow each guest to perform his or her talent and select parents to be the judges and score each contestant. You can create prizes for each guest or just for the top scoring ones.

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