10 Mother’s Day Ideas for Children Over the Age of 20

Mother’s Day is one of the sweetest days of the year. Chances are, around the age of 20, you are probably moved out of your mothers house, but she still goes that extra mile for you and thinks of you every day! Here are some ideas to show your Mother you still care and appreciate her, even if she doesn’t have to cook for you every night anymore.

1. Skip the greeting card aisle and mayhem and make a custom Mother’s Day card! Just as you did in grade school except now it could be even better! Use pictures and make a collage card or clip out her favorite things from a magazine. It’s really the thought that counts!

Painted Flowers Mother's Day Greeting Card by PurpleTrail.com
Painted Flowers Mother’s Day Greeting Card by PurpleTrail.com


2. Give your Mom a coupon to volunteer your services to help her with a special project or hobby for a day! Whether its weeding or planting the garden, cleaning the house or sorting through clutter, she will love the offer and the great company!

Mother's Day

3. Surprise her on Mother’s Day morning by picking her up at the door and driving her out to brunch. Make the reservations ahead of time and have everything planned out when she gets there! Extra points if you save up and take care of the bill yourself!

4. Check local movies, a concert or a play that she might enjoy.

5. If staying home, create a fun trivia game for everyone to play! Have the questions and games focus around your Mom and see who knows her best! Examples would be what her favorite food is, her least-favorite chore, questions about her childhood, etc.!

6. Create the perfect picnic at your Moms favorite park. Its simple, cheap and so thoughtful!

7. If your Mother runs a home-based day care, offer to watch the kids for an afternoon the week following Mother’s Day and she can have the afternoon ALL to herself!

8. Offer to be your Mother’s personal shopper for the day! Head to the mall and go to the stores that SHE picks and help her find a new spring outfit!

9. Trick your Father into taking your Mother away for the weekend or the day. Tell her you have to work and will meet up with her Sunday night when they’re back. While she is out, makeover a room in the house with a fresh paint color and new decor!

10. Create a custom canvas print with your mom’s favorite family photos. Check out these customizable canvas prints at PurpleTrail.com.


We hope this list provided you with some great ideas to spoil your mom and show her how much you care. Check out PurpleTrail.com to view our selection of customizable Mother’s Day cards. Pick any template you like or start from scratch and add unlimited photos, change text and colors to match your mother’s style perfectly.


Submitted by: Janelle Fischer


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